EUROPACABLE GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Challenges & Opportunities 2020

Europacable General Assembly, the annual meeting of the largest cable makers` producers in Europe took place in Brussels, Belgium on May 18th 2018. The event brought together over 80 senior representatives of nearly all Europacable member companies to discuss the challenges and opportunities for cable manufacturers until 2020.


After the introduction from Valerio Battista, President of Europacable General Assembly, Pascal Portevin, Chairman of Europacable Executive Board, opened the event with a review and outlook on Europacable’s activity. In his speech, Mr. Portevin highlighted the rise of visibility, credibility and recognition of the association`s work in a EU context that calls for more electricity interconnection, more broadband and higher safety.

Having a unique chance to meet up all together, teams presented their achievements, ongoing work and projects. Nexans representatives had the honor to participate and discuss  challenges and opportunities for the energy industry stemming either from technological progress or political developments.

The General Assembly continued with the debate on the critical topic of the CPR implementation, the initiative of the Digital industry team to tackle anti-dumping as well as information about the new submarine team within the Energy unit cooperating with ENTSO-E. Discussions also included a report on the HSE team activities about raising awareness on safety culture and environmental footprint.

Specially invited speakers from the energy and data industry had an opportunity to share the new trending ideas driving their companies and main challenges that Europacable members can influence on to shape the business environment. The discussion covered the impact on the trends that are shaping the future world: digital and connected lighting, individual mobility, sustainable energy system, energy transition in Europe to mention a few.

“In our rapidly changing world, the global wire and cable industry is at the core of a major shift in our society driven by power and information,” said Pascal Portevin, the Chairman of Europacable Executive Board and Nexans’ Deputy Chief Executive Officer. “The role of Europacable is to empower this transformation while making sure that the world of tomorrow will rely on the strictest standards of performance, safety and respect of the environment”.