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Medium voltage cables & accessories

  • For power backbone and propulsion systems
  • To provide high electrical reliability with all advanced power devices
  • MPRXCX FLEXISHIP® designed to provide the best solution for easy installation
  • For 1.8/3kV VFD cables  provide enhanced electromagnetic protection

Instrumentation & control cables

  • Multi-cores cables for control and Multi pairs or triples for instrumentation devices
  • TX or TCX cables are available in different constructions to face all environments

Communication cables

  • Halogen-free flame and fire retardant cables LAN Ethernet cables to support high flow of data
  • Fieldbus, coaxial or optical fiber cables to cover all communication systems

Power & control cables

  • For power distribution along the energy backbone of the vessel
  • MPRX and MPRXCX FLEXISHIP® designed for fast and easy installation
  • FLEXISHIP® sectoral cores are designed for further weight and space saving

Fire resistant cables

  • For safety systems for control or power feeding
  • Flame and fire retardant, low smoke and halogen-free but at first these cables maintain circuit integrity in case of fire