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Airframe wires & cables

  • For flight deck, passenger area, wings and surfaces
  • carrying signal and low level power at 28 Volt DC or 115 Volt AC,
  • controlling everything from fasten-seatbelt signs to complex fly-by-wire sub-systems.

Cables for power transmission

  • From APU and engines to cockpit
  • For all power generation networks
  • Electrical energy for all major systems

Fire-zone and high-temperature area cables

  • used in hot areas, engines and the nacelle environment
  • carrying signals to transmitting energy
  • answer both flame/fire retardant and fire-resistant requirements

Coaxial cables

  • used in radio/radar/anti-collision systems
  • for communications and navigation
  • for instrumentation and avionics

Databus, quad ethernet and optical fiber

  • Instrumentation and avionics
  • Satellite communications
  • Multimedia and in-flight entertainment

Customized cables for specific applications

  • For cockpit, crew and passenger areas
  • Avionics, communications and navigation
  • To meet special needs throughout the aircraft