Nexans site: new look and feel with improved functionality

Discover Nexans’ new website: updated to provide direct and easy access to the right information.

What has changed?


Simplicity and legibility and ease of use were our main objectives in the new design:

  • Use of colours and shapes to highlight key actions;
  • Use of icons to improve the visibility of features and content.
  • More powerful search engine.


Major changes

New Search Engine      

Search box

  • More powerful functionality
  • Advanced features to refine search criteria
  • More comprehensive results 


Header and footer provide direct access to dedicated information and tools

  • To emphasize the customer zone, the top header was changed to integrate a log in form (1). Once logged in, you have continuous and immediate access to your profile information including account details and dedicated features such custom PDF catalogues you create for the products you refer to the most.
  •  An expanded footer gives one-click access to useful information such as contacts, tools, and documents and is available from any page of the website.

Customer zone 



  • Direct access to product information from the top bar menu (2);
  • Optimised page design for product datasheets using tabs (3) to allow easy access to information and improved legibility;
  • Direct access to the various features available within the catalogue via a tool bar (4);
  • E-comparator or the possibility to print your catalogue.

product and service 


Dedicated space/my Nexans

Improvements to these pages include:

  • A filter zone (5) at the top of the page that can be closed or opened in one click;
  • Functions and documents made more visible (6) using icons;
  • Optimized tables for a clearer overview of the content (7).

 Order tracking