Nexans' values

Nexans owns 6 values that drive its day-to-day work and strengthen its relationships with its customers and suppliers and with all people and organizations the Group has to deal with. Theses values are drivers of excellence and ambition for each employee of the Group.

Nexans values> Think customer

We put our customers at the center of our focus, listening relentlessly to them, seeking to understand them fully, anticipating their changing needs and executing flawlessly to deliver superior products, services and value.

> Value people

We recognize people as the source of our success. We are reliable, open, honest, trustworthy, and respectful of our colleagues and their diversity. We commit to Nexans’ Values. We expect fair treatment, progression and opportunities to develop our competencies.

> Commit to excellence

We achieve excellence in our products, processes and services through shared knowledge, personal development, continuous improvement, safety and best-in-class execution.

> Take action

We build together a dynamic culture that encourages proactivity, flexibility and innovation in the achievement of our strategic objectives. We anticipate and drive change.

> Be responsible

We demonstrate integrity by taking ownership for what is expected of us and full responsibility for our actions. We conduct business in a safe and ethical manner, respecting the environment and supporting the communities in which we operate.

> Work globally

We recognize the primacy of the group. We work together transversally, collaborating within and across organizational borders. We encourage openness, transparency, and the sharing of information and knowledge.


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