Challenges and answers

Today’s deep and shallow mines require reliable cabling solutions and services

Mining is expected to grow by some 5 to 7% annually for the next five years, positively impacting production and exploration worldwide.

Market challenges and Nexans answersSustainability is a concern, not only in terms of protecting present and future geological assets, but also in obtaining public support.

As a mining company, you would like to enhance your operational viability and social legitimacy, and this can only be done through modernization, industrialization and automating your infrastructure, always with worker and environmental safety in mind. Since cables are the only means of getting power to your electric mobile machines, they play an important part in your strategic planning.

What mining companies expect:

  • Wide range of cables for all mining applications (power, control and data)
  • Turnkey solutions to allow the complete outfitting of a mine
  • Ruggedness, flexibility and longevity in very harsh environments
  • Pre-terminated cable assemblies for fast installation
  • Full compliance with world standards, including UL, CSA and MSHA
  • Lab test services and on-site inspection
  • Cable repair workshop and facilities (24/7 hotline)

Nexans answer : cable reliability, performance, and support

To meet the extraction, loading and transport challenges of today’s mining companies, Nexans has developed POWERMINE™, a broad range of cables and cabling solutions for both underground and open cast sites. Since high performance and reliable support are essential to economic efficiency, Nexans also provides numerous services based on our proven experience in the mining market.

Mining-related services include testing, onsite repair, training for personnel, and programs to support environmental and social values.

Since easy-to-reach deposits are being depleted worldwide, exploration has moved farther afield to remote locations, often with desert or freezing conditions. Nexans high-performance cables are designed for challenging environments.

We can also advise about infrastructures beyond “pure mining applications” which are increasingly the responsibility of mining companies, such as : private communications and data networks; self-contained electrical power distribution; short-link rail infrastructure; and material handling facilities for loading centers and ports.

Nexans for operational excellence and safety

  • Reliable, customized cable solutions to increase economic efficiency
  • Built-in safety to handle short-circuits, fire, abrasion, impact, crush/breakage
  • Designs for long free-hanging installations, extended links, and tough conditions
  • High flexibility for the very mobile mining environment, underground and open cast
  • Technical support for system engineering, fast-delivery, installation and problem-solving
  • Pre-terminated sets, harnessing, splicing, onsite-repairs and maintenance
  • Advanced testing facilities to ensure durability and worldwide certification

Discover Nexans' customized cable solutions for reliable and efficient mining operations