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Nexans keeps oil and gas flowing both upstream and downstream

Nexans' answersNexans is present at every level of oil and gas production, providing a wide range of energy and telecom cables for onshore exploration, production and distribution, as well as for refinery and petrochemical infrastructure.

Our innovative technologies include lead-free energy cables and ultra-cold energy cables for extremely cold conditions. Nexans also provides high-speed fiber and copper backbones for data transfer and remote control applications.  We have pioneered sheathings that resist sea salt, chemicals, and “mud” for both wellhead and refineries. To protect infrastructure and people, we have also developed advanced fire-performance products, and have been carefully tracking and improving materials for easy recycling.

For onshore projects, we are present from the very outset, contributing to the front-end design of cables and network planning. At the delivery end, we use our unique supply chain, global services and technical support to help international contractors and engineering firms meet the complex challenges of the hydrocarbon processing industry.
For international megaprojects, we can draw on the manufacturing strengths of several plants worldwide.

Nexans takes an integrated approach to your needs

  • cables for all applications, from exploration and production to transport and refining
  • full range of LV/MV/HV power cables for wells, treatment plants, platforms and refineries
  • simulation and network planning for entire oil and gas and refinery complexes
  • advanced fiber/copper WANs and LANs for land installations
  • standard and interconnective solutions for high availability worldwide
  • high performance in tough conditions, including heat, cold, “mud,” and oil
  • installation expertise for remote land locations
  • reduced weight and volume through XLPE cable designs
  • Training and Through-Life Support (TLS) from installation to maintenance
  • superior fire-reaction and resistance to safeguard people and equipment