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In 2017 Nexans will participate in major international exhibitions:


Eltec 11-13 January Nuremburg, Germany
Verkosto 25-26 January Tampere, Finland
FTTH Council 14-16 February Marseille, France
Middle East Electricity 14-16 February Dubai, UAE
Elektrotechnik 15-17 February Dortmund, Germany
Inter Airport Show 15-17 February Singapore
Downstream Russia conference 2-3 March Moscow, Russia
EurAsiaRail 2-4 March Istanbul, Turkey
Middle East Rail 7-8 March Dubai, UAE
Aircraft Interiors 4-6 April Hamburg, Germany
Hanover fair 24 - 28 April Hannover, Gemany
OTC 1-4 May Houston, US
Elfack 9-12 May  Gothenburg, Sweden
Energetika and Elektrotechnika 16-19 May Saint Petersburg, Russia
SPS Italy 23-25 May Parma, Italy
Norshipping 30 May - 2 June Olso, Norway
CIRED 12-15 June Glasgow, UK
Le Bourget, Paris Airshow 19-25 June Paris, France
Offshore Wind Energy 6-8 July London, UK
Brazil wind Power 29-31 August Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil
Submarine Networks World 12-13 September Singapore
Energetab Electrical Fair 12-14 September Poland
PERUMIN 18-20 September Arequipa, Peru
Transtec NEVA 19-22  September Saint Petersburg, Russia
Elektrotechniek 26-29 September Utrecht, Germany
Trako Int Railway Fair 26-29 September Gdansk, Poland
European Utility Week 3-5 October Amsterdam, Netherlands
China Coal and Mining 25-28 October Beijing, China
Adipec 13-16 November Abu Dhabi, UAE
Compamed 13-16 November Dusseldorf, Germany
Ausrail (Rail National Conference) 21-23 November Brisbane, Australia
SPS 28-30 November Nuremberg , Germany
Mass- Trans Innovation 29 November - 1 December Chiba, Japan
Marintech 5-8 December Shanghai, China
Russia Power Networks 5-8 December Moscow, Russia